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Virginia Beach

The resort city of Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach boasts the very best that beach living has to offer. From 5 star restaurants and hotels, amusement parks and miles of beautiful free beaches of the ocean front, to the beautiful theaters and multiple shopping outlets of downtown and finally the quiet country living and farmlands of Pungo it has it all. Not to mention its beautiful parks which number over 200, encompassing 4,000 acres and its excellent public school system with 56 primary schools, 14 middle schools and 12 high schools. It also hosts a multitude of private schools and two universities as well as Tidewater community College. Virginia beach truly has it all and is an excellent place to call home and raise a family. The median home sale price is $252,000 and in a recent CBS news article was named number 4 on a list of 25 cities nationwide where home ownership was more affordable then rent.


Hampton Road’s center of industry, Norfolk is home to one of the busiest commercial ports on the eastern sea board, the goods imported supply states up and down the east coast. Norfolk also houses multiple ship yards and the country’s largest Naval base keeping America safe. With a Vibrant theater district and bustling night life Norfolk is sure to please. Ocean View, who’s name fits, is one of the most desirable neighborhoods for homeowners and investors alike offering beautiful views of the Atlantic and the feel of a tiny beach town. The Waterside District is home to down town, it is the perfect mix of business and recreation with historic buildings, beautiful architecture, the best restaurants, marinas and amazing hotels all situated on the banks of the Elizabeth River. Norfolk is a beautiful city with a median home price of $191,000, a buyer's paradise that has something for anyone in any price range.


Chesapeake boast country living in the heart of Hampton Roads, formed in 1963 it is the second largest city in Virginia. Home to miles upon miles of protected farmland, forest and wetlands making it the most breathtaking of the 7 cities bordering Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk running clear down to the North Carolina state line you can get anywhere from Chesapeake. Business week named it the 21st best city in the U.S. Boasting 7 boroughs, South Norfolk, Greenbrier, Hickory, Deep Creek, Grassfield, Great Bridge, Indian River, and Western Branch with amedian home price of $245,000 if you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living, and the traffic look no further then Chesapeake.


Nestled on the Banks of the Elizabeth River, Portsmouth boasts miles of waterfront, founded in 1752 and named for Portsmouth, England . Home to the historic and still very active Norfolk Naval Shipyard (or Norfolk Navy Yard) the city is steeped in the history of the nation. The Olde Towne District has the largest collection of historically significant homes south of Alexandria Virginia dating as far back as 1825. Portsmouth is the oldest of the Hampton Roads cities and has gone through extensive urban renewal , it remains just as beautiful today as it did at the birth of the nation. The Portsmouth real estate market if ripe with great deals on amazing homes that are richly steeped in history, with a median home price of 147,000 it is affordable on any budget.


The largest city in Virginia by land mass, it is only home to 90,000 residents leaving plenty of space for your enjoyment. Founded as a port town in 1742 Suffolk boasts a long history in the region, serving as the gateway to the east and hosted lines for two prominent railroads. Famous for its peanuts, the Planters Peanut company has called Suffolk home since 1912 and was the birthplace of Mr. Peanut. Suffolk is comprised of 400 sq miles of land and 29 square miles of water making it the perfect playground. The peaceful serenity and wide open spaces in Suffolk make it the ideal place to call home and plant your roots. It is close to Naval Bases and an easy commute to just about anywhere in Hampton Roads, a little goes a long way here with a median home price of $229,000.

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